Madness Stressed R7 Deck

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Madness Stressed R7 Deck - 8.5"

Madness Stressed R7 Deck / Width 8.5” / length 32.3" / WB  14.5" / Shaped Team Deck / medium concave / Duet shape / Resin-7 construction / 7-Ply Maple / stiffer, lighter, longer-lasting pop / part of the Regrowth Project which plants two trees for each tree used / foil graphic / embossed logo details / Colour: Black

 Madness Skateboard decks come in an array of unique shapes, from modern popsicle style to re-issue style 80s skateboard decks. Features such as embossed graphics and wheel wells are matched by various depths of concave and deck sizes, all coming with Dwindle's Single Deck Press manufacturing process.



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