Skate Shop Day Tee 2022 (Limited Edition)

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Skate Shop Day Tee 2022 (Limited Edition) - White

Limited Edition Tee for 2022 - featuring 46 of the UK's leading Independent Skate stores!!

Regular fitting Tee / Front left chest print SSD / Large back print featuring 46 logos as a limited edition collaboration in celebration of the UK's Independent Skate stores.

90% cotton / 10% Polyester

What is Skate Shop Day?

  • Skate Shop Day is the day that the skateboard community celebrates our cultural hubs, the foundations of every skate scene, the places that bring skaters together and act as the glue for skateboarding as a whole. Skate Shop Day is meant to get skaters in to the shops to show love to the unsung heros that do so much for skating 365 days of the year. We support skateshops every day but we celebrate them on February 19th. 

Find Out More About Skate Shop Day:

Shops Featured: 

Black Sheep Store (Manchester) / Bored of Southsea (Portsmouth) / Decimal Skate Store (Cirencester) / Dissent Skate (Scarborough) / Drug Store Skateboarding (Norwich) / Exist Skate Store (Swansea) / Fifty Fifty Store (Bristol) / Focus Scotland (Edinburgh) / Free Style Skate Store (Newport) / Ideal Birmingham / Legacy Skate Store (Darlington) / Lost Art Shop (Liverpool) / Pretend Supply Co (Witney) / Slam City Skates (London) / Slugger Skate Store (Sheffield) / Welcome Skate Store (Leeds) / 608 Skate Shop (Wimborne, Dorest) / Altar Skate Shop (Dartford) / Beans and Boards (Winchester) / Beats Workin' (Barnstaple) / Big Woodys (Blackpool) / Cardiff Skateboard Club / Consortium (Bournemouth) / Consume Store (Jersey) / Decade Store (Guildford) / Division 24 Skate Store (Wakefield) / Flavour Skate Shop (Newquay) / FortyTwo Shop (Nottingham) / Happy Skate (Folkestone) / High Rollers Skate Store (Dublin) / Hot Box Skate Shop (Chelmsford) / Illicit Skate Shop (Kettering) / June Store (Southend-on-Sea) / Kvltivation Skate Store (Hemel Hempstead) / Level Skateboards (Brighton) (Whoop!!) / Moose Skate Shop (Bournemouth) / Native Skate (Newcastle upon Tyne) / Obelisk Store (Cheltenham) / Oxford Skate Co / Seed Skate Shop (Aberdeen) / Skate Pharm (Margate) / Skate Society (Lewes) / The Vines Supply Co (Solihull) / Three Amigos (London) / Tuesday Skate Shop (Bolton) / Wight Trash Skateboards (Ryde, Isle of Wight)