Magenta Skateboards is an independent, skateboarder-owned company established in Paris in 2010 by Soy Panday and brothers Vivien and Jean Feil. With no middleman or businessman in sight, every person involved in Magenta is a skateboarder – art director Soy does all the brand’s graphics including logos, boards and ads, boss Vivien takes charge of business, while Jean does shippings and photo shoots.

The aim of Magenta is to promote and focus on the creative and meaningful side of skateboarding, while offering the best products possible. All its boards are made in the USA from the best Canadian wood – stand-out products in the latest catalogue are a series of signature boards by Olivier ‘Tavu’ Ente, featuring a portrait of each of Magenta’s pro skaters on a map of the city they call home.

The first person to join Magenta was Leo Valls in 2010, quickly followed by Florida’s favorite son Jimmy Lannon and filmer Yoan Taillandier. In 2012, Magenta expanded further to include Zach Lyons from Washington DC and Koichiro Uehara from Osaka, Japan. The current Magenta pro skate team is Panday, Vivien Feil, Valls, Lyons, Lannon and Uehara, plus San Francisco-based newcomer Ben Gore.