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BluePrint Home Heart Complete - 7.75" - Black/Pink

The Home Heart Complete Skateboard from Blueprint is constructed with 7-Ply Maple for a strong and durable build, making it an ideal choice for beginner and intermediate skaters. It features a 7.75" wide deck and a 31.12" length with a wheelbase of 13.88". Additionally, the deck has a double kicktail and a medium concave. The wheels have a diameter of 52mm, a hardness of 99A, and are made of PU casted material. The bearing precision is at an ABEC-3 level, while the truck type is TENSOR Standard kingpin and standard hanger. The bushings have a rating of 88A, and the board comes pre-gripped with griptape. With a maximum rider weight of 90kg, this skateboard is a perfect choice for any skater looking for a quality 7-Ply Maple board.