Mini Logo A-Cut 2 Hybrid Wheels 95A

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Mini Logo Wheels A-Cut 2 Hybrid / White.

The Mini Logo A-Cut 2 Hybrid 95A Skateboard Wheels are slightly softer than their hard 101A Street wheel, giving you a little cushion to help smooth out rougher surfaces.

The Mini Logo high rebound formula provides great performance at a fraction of the price of your average "pro" wheel. This formula paired with the simple graphic gives you one of the most popular wheel ranges on the market!

About Mini Logo™ Wheels

Mini Logo™ high rebound, long lasting formulas provide more performance at a fraction of the price of most “pro” wheels. A number of our team skaters have told us that they prefer the way this compound skates over many more costly wheels. Mini Logo™ combines this high-performance urethane with a simple graphic, and a popular range of shapes, sizes, and hardnesses. Great performance and value guaranteed!

Long-lasting, high-rebound pro-grade urethane
Decades of Skate One Corporation wheel pouring expertise
A-cut shape featuring a sidecut profile and wider contact area for more stability skating all terrains
C-cut shape designed with a slim profile to minimize weight for technical skating
Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects