Death ‘OG White Skull’ Deck

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 Death Skateboards ‘OG White Skull’ Deck - 8.5″ / White

The Death OG Skull is a recognizable symbol in UK skateboarding, featuring a simple yet fitting skull-and-cross-bones logo. It evokes the image of years of skating through cobblestone and crust, with a wide toothy grin and an unflinching, eyeless stare that has seen many groundbreaking tricks. Below, the deck is boldly stamped with the brand name 'Death Skateboards', making it unmistakable, iconic, and timeless. With a width of 8.75" and a wheelbase of 14.25", this is a team model deck that's built to perform.


Please specify in notes at checkout if you would like the grip applied or not.

(Please note that gripped decks cannot be returned).